Understanding the Benefits of Running a Dash Cam

Whether you're planning a road trip and want a dash cam to record the beautiful views or regularly driving in a city and need to protect yourself, Bend Honda will help you choose an option that's right for your budget and driving needs. Small dash cams can fit unobtrusively on your dashboard and record everything that is going on around your car.

Having a recording of an accident can back up your story and save you time when dealing with insurance or the police. If your car gets hit in a parking lot, a camera might be able…

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It's Never Too Early to Start Planning for Back to School

When fall comes around, things will be in full swing with school and activities. You'll be running around town, putting a lot of miles on your vehicle with the back-and-forth trips. If you'd like to free up some of your time, you can consider setting up a carpool.

Carpools are great whether they're an everyday thing or just a few mornings a week. Once you've come up with a schedule, recruit other parents to join. Have each person in the group choose a day (morning or afternoon, or both!). 

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What Type of Tire is Right for You: Summer or All-Season?

As you go about the process of looking for new tires for your car, you likely find yourself with some questions. For example, you may wonder whether summer or all-season tires are the correct choice for you.

All-season tires are optimal in snow and ice conditions. Indeed, they are constructed for precisely these types of conditions. Summer tires work well in dry and rainy conditions. This is a specific reason why these types of tires are designed. 

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What Does it Mean to Wax a Car?

With the summer season upon us, now is the time that many car owners will at least consider waxing their car. Although it is a common phrase, it is often misunderstood what all waxing the car really entails. Car wax is a protective coating applied to the surface of a vehicle that protects it from the elements. This means protection from UV rays, sand, and water in the summer, and ice and salt in the winter.

Many confuse wax with polish, which is a very mild compound that renews shine by smoothing out the surface of the clear coat, but…

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The Benefits of Both All-Weather Floor Mats and Carpet

The staff here at Bend Honda want to educate drivers on the unique differences between the all-weather floor mats and carpeting. If you live where the rain or snow falls almost all year, you'll appreciate the all-weather floor mats because they help to keep the vehicle clean. In order to remove any dirt or mud from the mats, a simple once-over with a hose and the mats look like new again. These mats help to keep the vehicle interior clean if you or the kids are always spilling things on the floors too. 

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Tips for Safe Off-roading for Beginners

In Bend, Oregon, off-roading is becoming a popular pastime among motorists. However, like any hobby, it can be very dangerous to the uninitiated and/or careless. We’d like to take a moment to give you a few pointers on safety, finding proper trails and ensuring your vehicle is ready.

Safety - You need a roll cage; there are no exceptions to this rule. You also need to have winches, tire repair and replacement tools, lockers and safe navigation and communications equipment. Never go alone, even if experienced. 

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Knowledge is Empowering When Choosing a Mechanic

When your car suddenly needs repairs, it can cause a great amount of stress if you're unfamiliar with the mechanic. Typically, most people are concerned about being overcharged or receiving inaccurate information. However, there are ways that you can empower yourself as a car owner.

First, establish a good rapport with your regular mechanic in Bend, Oregon. Even when you need to have emergency repairs that your regular mechanic cannot complete, the relationship is important to receive all pertinent information about your car, which can be extremely empowering when an emergency arises. 

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When is it Really Time to Change the Motor Oil?

You have probably heard a lot of advice about your vehicle's motor oil from many different people, maybe even including your mechanic. However, many of these motor oil truisms were either always false, or may no longer be true because of automotive advances.

One oil myth you have probably heard is that your vehicle oil needs changing every 3,000 miles. This is untrue, as the schedule for changing the motor oil is set by the manufacturer and may be 3,000 miles or may be 7,000 miles, depending on the model of the vehicle. 

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What to do When You've Got a Flat Tire

Knowing how to replace a flat tire is a valuable skill that can get you out a jam and keep you out of harm's way. Unlike many things in automotive, this process hasn't changed much over the years.

First, as safely as possible, find a flat surface to stop on as far away from the roadway as possible. After securing the vehicle from movement with transmission and emergency brake, loosen the lugs on the flat wheel while it is still on the ground. 

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How to Test Your Car’s Battery

If your car’s battery doesn’t seem to be holding a charge, you can test it using a voltmeter. You may choose an analog or digital version, but either one will assist you with the same information. Begin by making sure that your ignition and lights are both turned off. From there, first attach the red, or positive, cable to the positive battery terminal. Repeat this step by attaching the negative, or black, cable to the battery’s negative terminal.

Your battery should indicate 12.4 volts or above. That’s the minimum that’s required to hold a…

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