The Honda HR-V would be a reliable vehicle to drive. If you're interested in this SUV, we carry several trims at Bend Honda. All of these trims are capable, practical, and stylish. There's really no way you could go wrong with this model.

If you're someone who likes high-end features, you'll be happy to learn that the HR-V is available with a one-touch power moonroof. It can slide or tilt open, depending on how much fresh air you'd like to let into your cabin. Even when closed, it can add to the ambience inside the cabin.

Having LEDs in a vehicle's exterior lighting is generally thought to be an advantage. The HR-V comes standard with LED Daytime Running Lights as well as LED brake lights. Whether people are approaching you from the front or rear, they'll definitely see your vehicle clearly. Fog lights are available, too, and they can help in poor visibility.


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