There are a lot of good reasons why the Honda Pilot has been so successful in recent years. With three rows of seats, this SUV can take you and your passengers to all kinds of places. At Bend Honda, we're proud to offer many trims of the Honda Pilot, giving our customers a range of options to consider.

Regardless of what trim you end up selecting, you'll get to take advantage of a V6 engine. This powerful component gives the vehicle great capability. You can opt for a model with all-wheel drive if you prefer. Wherever your travels take you, your SUV will be able to handle itself with confidence.

As we mentioned, the Pilot is a three-row model. The second row can either have a bench that can fit three people across or a pair of captain's chairs. Cargo space is plentiful, and you'll have the opportunity to rearrange the seats if you need to create more space.


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