While some things in life are bound to change, others stay the same throughout. You can't simply put everything on hold once the cold weather moves into Bend. Your vehicle needs to be a reliable transportation vessel all season long. Those of us at Bend Honda understand that the customer may want to put on a set of winter tires or wiper blades during the cold months. It makes sense.

Toughness Around the Clock

You better believe that quality winter wiper blades will be different than summer ones. Summer blades aren't required to deflect snow, sleet and ice at freezing temperatures. Winter wiper blades will not only do that, but they will break apart stubborn ice chunks and won't get clogged while doing so.

Some things make sense. Being prepared on the road at all times is something we suggest our clients to do; visit us in the showroom to learn more about blades or to swap in a pair of winter blades today.


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