When looking for a good family vehicle, what are the features that matter most? We at Bend Honda know how important it is to have a family-friendly vehicle with safety, performance and technology features, and the Honda Pilot is the ideal vehicle. This popular three-row family SUV offers everything you could want in a car or an SUV.

With possible gas mileage of up to 27 mpg, the Honda Pilot will go a long way before needing more fuel. The spacious seating of up to 8 people and soft fabric material makes for an extremely comfortable ride for all. Its smart connectivity allows you to connect your smartphones to the Pilot and enjoy your phone’s apps while on the road.

If you’re ready to buy a family vehicle, don’t make a decision before you check out the new Honda Pilot. A variety of models of the Honda Pilot can be seen in Bend. Bring the family to check out the Honda Pilot and take one out for a test drive.


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