Here at Bend Honda, we provide our consumers with information that helps them maintain their vehicles and keep them running smoothly. Gaskets are an important component because they bind two or more surfaces, which prevents gases and fluids from leaking in your vehicle.

Gaskets can withstand extreme temperatures and can be made of a variety of materials. The most common material used to make gaskets is multi-level steel, but copper and rubber are other common materials for gaskets. Although they are long-lasting, they will wear and will need to be replaced with time. Replacing your gaskets at the first sign of a problem prevents damage to the engine and other components.

There are some warning signs that can let you know your gaskets may be failing. Bubbling, gurgling, and foaming near the radiator could mean that you have a gasket that's failing. When you check your oil level, look for a white substance that resembles mayonnaise. This is an indicator that there is a hole in a gasket from high levels of compression.



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