Salt Sense Hits the Road

Since road salt is indispensable for safer winter driving, it is used everywhere. Unfortunately, road salt is just as ruthless toward vehicle undercarriages and exteriors as it is on icy roads. Preventing corrosion and rust will help preserve your valued vehicle.

Bend Honda’s top recommendations regard cleaning long before spring has sprung. If possible wash your vehicle every ten days exclusively during daylight hours. To avoid freezing, don’t suds up when temperatures fall below 40°F and frequently open the doors. Apply wax to the exterior every six months for added protection against rust.

Taking care during winter driving is also helpful. Stay away from deep snow and puddles containing salt-infused water; both sources can prematurely corrode the undercarriage and interfere with performance. Keeping your vehicle as salt-free as possible will keep corrosion at bay so you can enjoy your car.



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