When you leave the lot at Bend Honda in your new vehicle, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is that you now have a better vehicle to accompany you on your day-to-day adventures. What you probably do not think about right away is that you now have the perfect vehicle for a weekend getaway or long-distance road trip. Luckily, a weekend getaway can be had on a budget.

There are a few things to consider when planning a budget road trip. The first and most important thing is the route and the destination that you'll be heading to in your vehicle. This will help to determine sights that you can see along the way as well as where to stop for lodging. It also helps to determine how much of your budget will be needed for fuel.

Before you pack and head out, you will want to brainstorm and figure out things that you'll need that you already have in your possession. Packing up snacks and meals from home, for instance, can save you money and eliminate the need to buy such things while on the road. Also, make sure your vehicle stays ready for adventure with a quick tune-up at our service center.



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