A Few Reasons Your Vehicle's Engine Could Overheat

If you've ever seen steam coming from the hood of your car, you might have had an engine overheat. If you drive a vehicle with an overheated engine, you're likely to break your engine, which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace. But there are some signs to watch out for and some preventative maintenance to ensure that your engine stays cool.

Your engine can overheat if the coolant is low or in some other way inadequate for cooling it and the radiator. This is why you should have your coolant flushed and replaced periodically. Also, have your mechanic check your coolant levels when you have your oil changed.

Another reason your engine might overheat is if your water pump, radiator, or some hoses are broken. Your water pump is one of the main mechanisms that cools your car, and hoses are needed to deliver coolant. Have these parts checked occasionally, and watch your vehicle's temperature gauge.



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