Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension

Informed car owners typically make better decisions with their vehicles and tend to save money over the lifetime of the car by addressing issues before they become expensive problems. Understanding your car's suspension can help you know when it needs to be serviced.

Excessive bouncing or fighting to keep your car driving in a straight line can indicate problems with your car's suspension system. Comprised of shocks, struts and steering, the suspension system keeps you comfortable as you drive down the road. If you notice your vehicle vibrating or bouncing unnecessarily, it may indicate that ball joints, shocks or tie-rod ends need replacing. Maintain these parts as needed to ensure a smooth, safe ride for you and your passengers.

If your suspension needs servicing or for any other automobile needs, stop by Bend Honda. We're here to help you keep your car in the best shape possible and answer any questions you may have about its performance.



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