When is it Really Time to Change the Motor Oil?

You have probably heard a lot of advice about your vehicle's motor oil from many different people, maybe even including your mechanic. However, many of these motor oil truisms were either always false, or may no longer be true because of automotive advances.

One oil myth you have probably heard is that your vehicle oil needs changing every 3,000 miles. This is untrue, as the schedule for changing the motor oil is set by the manufacturer and may be 3,000 miles or may be 7,000 miles, depending on the model of the vehicle. Another common myth is that if the motor oil is dark, then it is time to change. This is also untrue, as the oil color has nothing to do with degradation but simply means the oil has collected the dirt from the engine.

When it is time to have your oil changed, bring your vehicle in to our Honda maintenance shop in Bend, OR for our trained technicians to service.

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