Tips for Safe Off-roading for Beginners

In Bend, Oregon, off-roading is becoming a popular pastime among motorists. However, like any hobby, it can be very dangerous to the uninitiated and/or careless. We’d like to take a moment to give you a few pointers on safety, finding proper trails and ensuring your vehicle is ready.

Safety - You need a roll cage; there are no exceptions to this rule. You also need to have winches, tire repair and replacement tools, lockers and safe navigation and communications equipment. Never go alone, even if experienced.

Vehicle Mods - Before modifying your vehicle, be sure to take it out on a simple trail and see what it can handle before you spend too much time and money overdoing vehicle mods. They can actually be more dangerous if too superfluous.

Finding Trails - Use only accepted trails provided by parks or recreational services, and ones labeled for off-road vehicles. The wilderness is no place to be foolish and careless.

To find out more about off-road services and trails nearby, come visit Bend Honda, where we’re just as passionate as you are.



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