What Does it Mean to Wax a Car?

With the summer season upon us, now is the time that many car owners will at least consider waxing their car. Although it is a common phrase, it is often misunderstood what all waxing the car really entails. Car wax is a protective coating applied to the surface of a vehicle that protects it from the elements. This means protection from UV rays, sand, and water in the summer, and ice and salt in the winter.

Many confuse wax with polish, which is a very mild compound that renews shine by smoothing out the surface of the clear coat, but does not leave any protection. While wax adds shine as well, it is most noted for its protective properties. The protective layer left behind by car wax is relatively soft compared to the paint clear coat, which makes it easy to apply, but temporary in lifespan. To maintain effectiveness, car wax should be applied every 3-6 months. Detailing specialists at Bend Honda can help get your current car protected or make sure your next car is protected.



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