Consider Maintenance for Your Belts and Hoses

Your car has a number of belts and hoses that can become weak, dried out or cracked. You may first discover a problem with a belt when you hear squeaking as your engine runs. A cracked hose can produce a leak in your driveway. If your brakes stop working all of a sudden, you could have a brake line leak.

Routine inspections of your belts and hoses can make a big difference in how your car runs. At Bend Honda, we can talk with you about the various belts in your car and the recommendations for changing the belts before they break.

So many parts of your vehicle depend on belts or hoses to work correctly. One of the larger belts on your car is the timing belt, which can snap while driving, causing you to lose control of the vehicle.

For routine belt maintenance, bring your car to our Honda service shop in Bend, OR today.

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