It's Never Too Early to Start Planning for Back to School

When fall comes around, things will be in full swing with school and activities. You'll be running around town, putting a lot of miles on your vehicle with the back-and-forth trips. If you'd like to free up some of your time, you can consider setting up a carpool.

Carpools are great whether they're an everyday thing or just a few mornings a week. Once you've come up with a schedule, recruit other parents to join. Have each person in the group choose a day (morning or afternoon, or both!). If someone can't ever drive, maybe he or she could chip in some gas money. Remember to have everyone buckle up right away. It's recommended that children shorter than 4'9" ride in booster seats; the law varies by state.

You can get a tune-up from Bend Honda if you want to be sure that your car is safe to drive.



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