Leave those old wiper blades on your vehicle as we make it into the winter season and you could experience your share of difficult driving conditions! Here is why getting new winter blades from a dealership, like Bend Honda, will give you a clearer view all winter long.

The wiper blades that are on your vehicle all year are not built to have to move heavy weight. Once the snow falls, those inferior blades begin to bend under the weight and then they will not be able to clear away all the moisture from the glass without leaving behind streaks. The reason the winter blades come encased inside a rubber sleeve is to keep ice and snow from clogging the framework that allows the blades to flex. If ice gets in the wipers on your car today, the blades cannot flex and you cannot see.

Make time to visit our Honda dealership in Bend, OR and we will remove and replace your wipers with winter blades.

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