What Does the Horsepower Rating of your Favorite Car Model Mean?

Car manufacturers and automobile enthusiasts often talk about the horsepower ratings of vehicles. When the staff at Bend Honda talk about horsepower, they mean that one horsepower equals the strength to pull 33,000 pounds over one foot in a minute.

The term horsepower originated from James Watt (1736-1819), the inventor of the steam engine. The mechanical horsepower of vehicles matches 745.699 watts of electrical power. James Watt discovered that one mine pony could pull 22,000 foot-pounds, which becomes 33,000 foot-pounds in a minute when multiplied by 50 percent. One horsepower means the car engine can do the work of one horse.

Down the centuries, car manufacturers use the horsepower unit to describe the strength of automobiles. If you experience problems comparing the performance of horses with that of the car engine you plan to buy, talk to our expert staff at Bend Honda for help. We will gladly explain to you the truck, trailer, or road machine with the best horsepower.

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